Texting driver caused my accident

What Happens After An Injury Case Is Settled?

Your personal injury lawyer comes to you with good news -- they tell you that the insurance company has officially signed off on your settlement. Now you might want to ask your personal injury attorney what happens next. This article answers that question by looking at four things that commonly have to be dealt with after a settlement or a judgment has been achieved. Paperwork The very first thing that has to be done is for both sides to sign off on the paperwork. Read More 

Legally Handling A Collision With A Commercial Vehicle

Driving can bring on a large amount of anxiety, as many people do not consider other people's safety when they are driving recklessly. You would expect drivers who are in commercial vehicles to be more considerate of other drivers, but it isn't uncommon for them to make illegal maneuvers and speed well above the posted speed limit. For instance, a commercial freightliner can cause a lot of danger and a big collision by using poor driving skills, especially when on a congested and high-traffic highway. Read More 

Let’s Get Things Started: Your Personal Injury Case Begins

For those hurt by a careless driver, you might already realize that you are entitled to get paid. The other driver (or, at least, their insurance company) owes you for your medical expenses, lost wages from your job, pain and suffering, and a lot more. You might not get everything you deserve by counting on the insurance company and many accident victims end up contacting a personal injury lawyer to assist them. Read More 

Preparing For A Consultation With A Personal Injury Lawyer

Filing a personal injury lawsuit comes with a lot of work. You'll have meetings to attend, appointments to keep, and hearings to keep track of. All of that comes later. First, you have to get through the initial consultation with an attorney. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you prepare for the first meeting with a personal injury lawyer. Ask for a Questionnaire  When you contact the attorney, ask if they have a questionnaire. Read More 

Did You Waive Away Your Rights To Sue?

When careless or negligent actions cause harm, civil law provides a remedy. While nothing is expected to relieve the pain and misery of an injury, taking action can help others avoid suffering the same fate and provide compensation for the damages you have suffered. Almost any physical injury that is severe enough to make you seek medical attention could be grounds for a personal injury suit. Read on to find out why waivers may not be binding and how to be paid for your injuries. Read More 

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Texting driver caused my accident

Have you ever picked up your phone and sent or read a text message while you were driving? Do you know just how dangerous that is? All that it takes is one split second for your life to change forever and to change someone else's life forever. I was hit from behind because a well-dressed business man couldn't wait until he was stopped to respond to a text message. I saw him coming in my rear view mirror, but there was nothing that I could do about it. This accident happened over a year ago and I still suffer every day. My blog is filled with information that can help others that have been injured by texting drivers.


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