Texting driver caused my accident

Why Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer If Your Employer Refuses To Offer You Alternative Work After Injury

Some workplace injuries may be so devastating that they may completely take you away from your duties. When this happens, you should receive compensation, and your employer should offer you alternative work to enable you to continue earning an income. Unfortunately, your boss may be uncooperative. Luckily, a workers compensation lawyer can help you get justice. Here's why scheduling an appointment with these lawyers is essential if your employer refuses to offer you alternative work. Read More 

Why You Should Let A Workers Compensation Lawyer Cross-Examine A Medical Evaluator

In many workers compensation cases, one crucial piece of evidence is the opinion of a medical evaluator. These doctors are usually hired by an employer or insurance company to give an opinion about an injured worker's condition. If they say that your injuries are not work-related, it may be challenging for you to get benefits. On the other hand, if they say your injuries are work-related, it will be much easier for you to be compensated. Read More 

Do You Need A Lawyer After A Dog Attack?

Most dogs are friendly and love humans. However, not all dogs are the same and some of them can turn on and attack people. When that happens, you will need to act to ensure that your damages are covered. Read on to find out what a dog bite attorney can do for you after you get hurt. Who Is Responsible? While it's possible to be bit by a stray dog, many dog bites occur when someone encounters a dog in someone's home, on a walk, or in other public spaces. Read More 

3 Reasons To Consult A Lawyer Immediately After Slipping Or Tripping

The legal process of getting justice for slipping or tripping injuries is not as easy as it seems. The process usually begins with a determination of the responsible party. You should build a strong case to ensure that you receive compensation after identifying the culprit. But the best way to achieve this is by engaging a lawyer immediately after your accident. Your attorney will first examine the facts of the case and then develop an approach to handle it. Read More 

3 Ways A Personal Injury Lawyer Will Hold A Dentist Accountable For Your Injuries

Every dentist should ensure that every patient placed on their hand receives every care or treatment they deserve. Fortunately, the country has several systems that ensure all doctors undergo rigorous training before handling patients. That notwithstanding, sometimes a tiny mistake from these professionals can be the source of a nightmare for their patients. If you're suffering as a result of dental malpractice, you can sue the responsible physician and get reimbursed for your suffering. Read More 

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Texting driver caused my accident

Have you ever picked up your phone and sent or read a text message while you were driving? Do you know just how dangerous that is? All that it takes is one split second for your life to change forever and to change someone else's life forever. I was hit from behind because a well-dressed business man couldn't wait until he was stopped to respond to a text message. I saw him coming in my rear view mirror, but there was nothing that I could do about it. This accident happened over a year ago and I still suffer every day. My blog is filled with information that can help others that have been injured by texting drivers.


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