Texting driver caused my accident

Types Of Evidence You'll Need To Build A Playground Negligence Case

If your child was injured at a playground, and you want to sue the responsible parties who own and operate the playground, you and your attorney are going to collect specific evidence to prove your case. Here is an overview of the type of evidence you'll need to prepare to win your case.

#1 Witness Statements

One of the best ways to build a playground negligence case is through witness statements. You are going to want to supply a list of anyone who may have witnessed what happened, including staff, children, and other parents, to your attorney so they can interview them. Your attorney should ask any witness they interview who else was there and saw what happened.

Witness statements can help establish the sequence of events. They can also be careful in demonstrating the pain that your child went through following the accident and while they were getting treated. Witness statements are a great way to back up your child's statement.

#2 Photos & Videos

In this day and age, people try to capture just about everything on their smartphones. When your attorney gets witness statements, be sure to have him or her ask if any of the witnesses have photos and videos of the event and the aftermath.

You should also take pictures of your child's injury and the medical care they received at the scene of the accident, even if some time has passed.

#3 Medical & Police Response

If your child was hurt on the playground and 911 was called, the EMTs, police, and fire department may have responded to the call. The reports that each of these organizations filed can be requested for your case. Their reports can provide and verify details of what happened when your child was injured, as well as important information about whom witnessed the event.

#4 Medical Records & Expenses

To prove the injuries that your child sustained, you are going to need to access their medical records. You need to provide your attorney with the medical records from the day of the accident, as well as all doctor's appointments and therapy that your child had to undergo following the accident.

If you had to make modifications to your home or vehicle due to your child's injury, be sure to detail these expenses as well. If you needed extra help looking after your child due to their injuries, you will want to include that information as well.

The four types of evidence will help your attorney build a solid playground neglect case to help you get compensation for your child's injuries, pain, and suffering. 

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Texting driver caused my accident

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