Texting driver caused my accident

Don't Set Foot In The Courtroom Without Knowing About These Four Issues

If you have been injured in a car accident, you may have already moved past the time for coming to an agreement and settlement with the at-fault driver's insurance company. It's always nice to have a fair and complete monetary offer, but often you must take your case before a judge to get compensated properly. You must work with your personal injury attorney as a team to set yourself up for the best chances for success, so read on to learn more about four important issues to know about before going to court.

1. Eyes on You: When you realize how reluctant automobile insurance companies are to pay out on accident claims, you may have a better understanding of the lengths they might go to in an attempt to lessen their liability. One way they do that is to hire people for the express purpose of spying on you. Any time you are out in public, you should assume that you could be recorded and photographed. When you are suffering from an injury, you may have good days and bad days, but you should never let your guard down for one second or you might find yourself jeopardizing your case and reducing your financial award.

2. Be Open and Honest: You must allow your attorney to know in advance about any issues that you even remotely believe could affect your case. The only way to put up a good parry is to be prepared for any attacks from the defense, and nearly everyone has something in their past that they may not be proud of. Talk to your attorney about your work history, your criminal history, your financial history, your medical history and more and give that attorney the opportunity to deflect any attacks on your character.

3. Study Up: In some cases, months and months have passed since your accident happened, and the details could have become quite vague since that time. Do yourself a favor and review the accident by looking over your documentation, medical records, reports and other items to refresh your memory.

4. Keep your cool: When a lot of money is on the line, you can expect to endure some fairly rough questioning on the stand. No matter what, do not allow the attorney for the other side to rattle you and cause you to say something that you later regret.

Speak to your attorney for more tips on how to behave prior to and on the day your trial begins. 

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Texting driver caused my accident

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