Texting driver caused my accident

Has Someone Defamed You? 4 Steps To Take When Someone Damages Your Reputation

It doesn't take much to ruin someone's reputation. Unfortunately, once a reputation is ruined, it's often difficult to repair the damage. In fact, sometimes it's impossible to undo the damage that's done to a reputation. Defamation of character can destroy a person, and make it impossible for them to continue being a part of the community they live or work in. Defamation of character occurs when someone issues false statements about a person either through written or verbal methods. It's important to note that defamation of character can also occur through photographic attacks, and through social media posts. If you've been harmed by defamation of character, help is available. Here are four steps you should take to get the help you need in rebuilding your reputation.

Ensure that the Statements are False

When it comes to defamation of character, the first thing you need to do is ensure that the statements are, in fact, completely false. It's not enough for them to be almost completely false, or mostly false. The attacks must be founded entirely in falsehood. Once you've determined that the statements or photographs are entirely false, you'll need to move on to the next step.

Determine that Your Reputation has Been Harmed

If false statements have been made about you, or defamatory photos of you have been made public, you need to determine if your reputation has been harmed. If it hasn't, you might not have any grounds to sue the person who defamed you. However, if the defamation has harmed you, you'll need to proceed to the next step. Harm can occur in several different ways. For instance, if you own a business, harm can come from a loss of customers. If you're active in the community, harm can come when you're no longer welcome at civic functions, or you're asked to resign from committees or organizations that you belong to.

Gather Documentation

Once you've determined that the defamation has harmed your reputation, you'll need to begin gathering documentation. This should include gathering actual evidence of the defamation, such as screenshots of online defamation, or photocopies of letters that have been dispersed to the public about you. You'll need this evidence when you proceed to the final step, which is speaking to an attorney.

Speak to an Attorney

If your reputation has been damaged due to defamation, you need to speak to an attorney, like James Lee Katz. This is particularly important if your standing in the community has been jeopardized. Your personal injury attorney will be able to take steps to get the defamation stopped in its tracks. They can also help you get compensation for the damages you incurred.

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Texting driver caused my accident

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