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Five Things You Can Do To Increase Your Settlement On Your Personal Injury Case

You'll never be able to redo your personal injury case once you've reached a settlement that you agree upon. However, there may be some things you can do before and during negotiations for your case that could drastically increase your settlement.

The following are five things you can do to increase your settlement on your personal injury case:

Make sure you're vigilant about following any prescribed treatment for your condition

If you neglect prescribed treatment, you could be accused of seeking compensation for your injuries only because of a desire for money. Following prescribed treatment to the letter shows your commitment to getting over your injury and your genuine concern for your health and your recovery. 

Don't overexaggerate your injuries

Anyone who's going through a personal injury case feels eager for justice to be served and for fair compensation for injuries. However, it's important to be realistic about the cause and extent of your injuries. 

Anything that can be conceived of as an exaggeration on your part could potentially compromise the legitimacy of your case in the eyes of the defense and the judge in charge of your case. 

Inform your lawyer and everyone else involved in the case about any previous injuries you've been treated for

You might be worried that revealing previous injuries could compromise your case because the defense could try to pin the cause of your current injuries on these previous incidents.

However, your previous medical history is documented and may easily be accessed in the course of your personal injury case. It's therefore best to be honest and upfront about any injuries you've suffered beforehand. 

Do everything you can to collect and preserve any evidence that supports your case

Stay on top of things and don't lose track of any evidence that supports your case.

If you have photographs or recorded statements from medical professionals about your injuries, keep track of them and don't lose them. You may not be able to recover these valuable assets to your case once they have become lost. 

Avoid venting on social media sites

The defense could potentially access any social media content you've put out online to contradict any assertions you've made in defending your case.

You should not put out any content on social media related to your case. While you may be used to venting about things that are troubling you on social media, avoid doing so regarding any issue related to your case or your injury. 

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