Texting driver caused my accident

Suing After A Brawl With A Neighbor

Living close to neighbors can create a stressful situation if everyone isn't on friendly terms. It is also easy for pets like dogs to dig holes under the fence and cross over into a neighbor's yard. If your dog crossed over into a neighbor's yard and the situation ended up in a fist fight that involves injuries, legal action can be taken if you were the victim in the incident. Whether or not compensation can be received for a personal injury depends on the specific details of the situation. Browse the content in this article for knowledge about getting legal help for your injuries.

Visiting an Attorney to Learn Your Rights

You must know your rights in regards to the brawl with your neighbor before moving forward with the lawsuit. Opening a lawsuit too soon can lead to you wasting money and not obtaining the results that are desired. You can learn about your rights by visiting a personal injury attorney and explaining what happened. Tell your attorney who threw the first hit, as well as whether or not any taunting was involved before the situation turned physical. Tell the story exactly as it occurred if you expect your attorney to provide an accurate opinion as to whether or not you have a good case.

Trying to Think of Possible Witnesses

Were there other people around when the brawl took place? Witnesses can greatly strengthen your case if you are able to locate any. If the dispute happened in the front of your house, it is possible that other people living on the same street witnessed the brawl. If you know of any witnesses, let your attorney know who they are and how to go about contacting them. The attorney can also investigate around your neighborhood in an attempt to locate witnesses that you are unaware of.

Giving Your Attorney Access to Medical Records

If you had to get treated for injuries as a result of the brawl, evidence will be needed. Tell your attorney the name of the clinic that you went to for treatment, as well as the name of your physician. Your medical records are one of the main things that will be important for proving you deserve compensation. You can give the attorney access to your medical records by simply signing a permission release form. He or she can send the form to the clinic you were treated at so they can provide him or her with your records.

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Texting driver caused my accident

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