Texting driver caused my accident

Does the Vehicle That Rams Into Another From Behind Always Carry the Blame?

When someone crashes into the back of another vehicle, there is always the automatic assumption that they are the party at fault. The vehicle at the back often gets blamed for mistakes like speeding or distracted driving. Sometimes they even get booked for tailgating. Traffic law recommends giving the other car the recommended space for the stoppage in case of emergencies. However, there are a few instances when the driver of the rear vehicle might not be at fault for the accident. Here is what you need to know collisions that involve hitting another car. 

Instances When the Lead Driver Could Be at Fault

In some cases, the vehicle in front makes a mistake leading to the rear driver ramming into them. For example, broken tail lights mean that no one can tell when you are turning, slowing down, or trying to make another maneuver in traffic. Therefore, it will be your fault when someone rear-ends you. 

Another common reason to blame the lead driver is when they engage in aggressive driving. For example, if the person keeps accelerating and braking suddenly, they could be blamed after a crash. There are also multiple accident scenarios where one vehicle hits another and catapults it far enough to hit a front car. The middle vehicle owner is not at fault for hitting the leading vehicle.

The Evidence Needed to Prove Fault 

Proving that the lead driver caused the accident is not always easy. The vehicle's final resting position is one of the first things that the police look at when assessing the accident scene. In most cases, you will need additional evidence for your claim. Evidence from eyewitnesses, dashcams, and traffic cameras might come in handy when you want to prove that the leading party was aggressive on the road or didn't follow all the traffic rules. It is advisable to look for people who witnessed the accident to record their statements. 

How the Vehicle Accident Attorney Helps

Car accident lawyers have experience in almost all types of accidents. If you have hit another vehicle from the back due to another motorists' mistake, they will know how to prove that the accident wasn't your fault. They can gather and present the evidence you need to prove liability.

It is always advisable to get a lawyer immediately after a car accident. A car accident attorney can help you put together the evidence needed for the case and present it to the insurer for a suitable settlement.

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Texting driver caused my accident

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