Texting driver caused my accident

Why You Should Let A Workers Compensation Lawyer Cross-Examine A Medical Evaluator

In many workers compensation cases, one crucial piece of evidence is the opinion of a medical evaluator. These doctors are usually hired by an employer or insurance company to give an opinion about an injured worker's condition. If they say that your injuries are not work-related, it may be challenging for you to get benefits. On the other hand, if they say your injuries are work-related, it will be much easier for you to be compensated. Because of how important the opinion of the medical evaluator can be, it is very important that a workers compensation lawyer cross-examine them. Here are three reasons why you should let these lawyers handle this task.

To Challenge the Opinion of the Medical Evaluator

Although medical evaluators examine injured workers before giving an opinion about their disability, they may not always be objective. They could be biased in favor of the insurance company that employs them. As a result, their opinion about your disability could be inaccurate. A workers compensation lawyer will cross-examine the evaluator to determine whether their opinion is accurate. If they discover it's inaccurate, they'll challenge it and present evidence to support your case.

To Impeach the Medical Evaluator's Credibility

When a witness testifies, their credibility can be impeached in many ways. One way is to show that the witness has been convicted of a crime. Another way is to prove how they've changed their story. When it comes to medical evaluators, a few specific things can be done to impeach their credibility. Luckily, a workers compensation lawyer knows how to do this. They'll show how the insurance company has paid the evaluator, how they've been wrong in the past, or how they're not board-certified. They may also show how an evaluator has testified for the insurance company in other cases. Such information will show that the evaluator is not as credible as they claim to be.

To Get the Medical Evaluator to Change Their Opinion

Because of how important the opinion of the medical evaluator can be, it's important to ensure that whatever they say is accurate and not biased in any way. The cross-examination process gives a workers compensation lawyer the opportunity to do just that. These lawyers will point out the inaccuracies in the report and ask the evaluator questions that will help paint a more accurate picture of what's happening. If the evaluator is sensible enough, they'll change their opinion to something more favorable to the claimant.

It's vital to let a workers compensation lawyer cross-examine a medical evaluator. With these lawyers by your side, you won't have to worry about the validity of the evaluation. They'll ensure that you're fairly represented and an accurate report about your injuries is given to the insurance company.

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Texting driver caused my accident

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