Texting driver caused my accident

Instances When You May Suffer Injuries In A Motorcycle Crash And How You Can Pursue Payments

Collisions involving motorcycles may not be as frequent as other traffic accidents, but they are usually catastrophic when they happen. Therefore, you should always take the necessary safety measures to avoid collisions when riding a motorbike. Unfortunately, some riders and drivers might not be careful when sharing the road with you. Consequently, they might knock you down and make you suffer significant injuries. When this happens, hire a motorcycle injury attorney to assist you in holding the at-fault parties responsible, especially if they make the following mistakes. 

When They Make a Left Turn

A driver or rider who makes a left turn when your motorcycle passes them can cause a catastrophic collision. Consequently, you might suffer injuries that leave you bedridden for a long time. When this happens, you can take legal action against the responsible parties to compel them to take responsibility for your losses. However, your claim might be challenging to pursue in some cases, especially when the offender denies responsibility. When this happens, hire a lawyer to help you prove your case. They will assist you in getting evidence to show that the offender acted carelessly when they hit you.

When They Move into Your Lane

Not every motorist keeps their eyes and mind on the road. This makes them drift to the next lane, increasing the risk of collisions with oncoming vehicles and motorcycles. When this happens, the consequences might be far-reaching. This is more so if the motorist was driving at high speed. In such a case, you could suffer serious bodily harm. If the driver was in the wrong, they should take full responsibility for your losses. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to assist you in holding them accountable.

When They Hit You While Intoxicated

Driving or riding while intoxicated can cause severe injuries, especially if motorcycles are involved. Therefore, if the driver who hit you was intoxicated, you can sue them and compel them to take care of your crash-related expenses. However, claims for collisions caused by drunk drivers or riders can be complex. So, you may want to hire an attorney to handle the legal process for you so that you can get a favorable outcome in your lawsuit.

Injuries suffered in collisions caused by the negligent behaviors above might make you incur huge losses. Luckily, a motorcycle accident attorney can help you to seek compensation to cover the losses. 

For more information, contact a local motorcycle accident lawyer. 

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Texting driver caused my accident

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