Texting driver caused my accident

Three Ways Car Accident Attorneys Can Win Settlements Without Going To Court

Car accident attorneys employ a variety of strategies to secure satisfactory financial settlements for their clients. Often, this is done without the need for court proceedings which would typically involve greater expense whether you were suing another driver or defending yourself. Out-of-court settlements arranged by a specialized auto accident lawyer on behalf of their client are often preferred not only because they minimize legal costs but because they reduce the stress associated with litigation, as well. What's more, a skilled auto accident attorney can usually bring about a settlement more quickly than would be the case with a court proceeding. How do they do it? Read on to find out three typical strategies.

Negotiated Settlements

To begin with, negotiation is one of the chief tools at any lawyer's disposal, including auto accident attorneys, of course. In the context of car accidents, attorneys will begin by gathering extensive evidence. This would include looking into police reports, medical records, eyewitness testimonies, and so on. The point is to build a robust case that the other party's auto accident attorney won't be able to dismantle in a courtroom. Finding out whether the other party involved in the accident might be liable could also be established through investigative techniques. Using the information they've gathered, car accident attorneys will be able to put up a strong case against the insurance company, concerned long before it goes before a judge. Skilled negotiations based on a position of strength can then lead to an agreeable financial settlement without court intervention.

Mediated Settlements

By turning to an impartial third party other than the judge, it is also possible to obtain favorable outcomes through an auto accident attorney. The mediator, someone who facilitates communication between disputing parties, is charged with arriving at a mutually agreeable resolution, usually to spare courtroom time. Unlike a judge, however, a mediator is not there to decide the case. Instead, they will help the parties to better understand each other's positions and explore potential mutually satisfactory outcomes. The confidential nature of mediation still requires skilled advocacy and negotiations, usually with the other party's lawyer. As such, good car accident attorneys will achieve effective mediation through sound preparation, clear communication, and an in-depth understanding of their client's interests.

Arbitrated Settlements

Finally, arbitration is a more formal alternative dispute resolution process that auto accident lawyers sometimes turn to. Arbitration can be binding or non-binding, depending on the agreement between those involved. In common with a court proceeding, an arbitrator will hear evidence and arguments presented by each side, so your auto accident lawyer needs to be prepared as if the case were proceeding to a courtroom. That said, the process is usually faster and less formal than court hearings so they are usually less costly than traditional litigation. Decisions made at arbitration sessions include financial awards and because they can tie up fewer resources, they sometimes end up being more cost-effective if the right sort of lawyer is appointed to handle the case.

To learn more, contact an auto accident attorney in your area.

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Texting driver caused my accident

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